Theme: #LowCarbohydrate and Sugar Free Health Freedom! Survivor of Nursing Home Abuse from 2018 - Independent Non Denominational, Non Affiliated #Bible Believer, Preacher and teacher. Preaching on Judgement on a once great nation now fallen apostate as well as taking the Professing #Christians to the Woodshed! Website: I have an Internet Radio Station WRAM-DB Radio America USA (Once known as Philly and Jersey Radio) @ and I am a 3rd Party Independent; I am a Low Carb, Sugar Free, Stevia Dieter Organic Food Advocate! Eating Steak (Red Meat) is a RIGHT! Not a Privilege! I am also on the following Social Medias if any wishes to connect:(These 19 Verified Social Media Accounts as well as 1 Verified Video Account). Sign Up then find me --- @jeffhertzog Video Media (Verified) Videos: BitTube: Disclaimer; When I post news links articles, especially for my Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA/Philly and Jersey Radio; its reported it as it is stated from all kinds of sources without taking any sides unless I make my own commentary! I am a Low Carber, Sugar Free, Advocate for Organic Food I use Organic Stevia as a substitute for sugar!
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