This is what keeps me up at night, so I figured I'd go ahead and write it down.
I am not offended by your choices to wear a mask or get vaccinated. I'm bewildered. I'm a solve it kinda man. I keep at it until I solve the puzzle, task, or project. I research, ask for help, and use all resources to figure it out. I'm absolutely perplexed at what I'm seeing and hearing about Covid-19.
Let's have a little history lesson shall we?
- To this very day the chances of survival are 99.98%. That means you have 2/100ths of 1% chance of dying from it.
- 76% of all deaths were from people with at least 2 other co-morbidities.
- Influenza and all other respiratory conditions disappear, as every single death is Covid.
- Masks don't work.
- Masks do work, but only N95, which is why they said masks don't work, to keep people from buying all the N95 masks.
- Plexiglass everywhere, but it's a freaking joke. You've seen it, and the examples of ignorance.
- Wear gloves too, but change your gloves all the time, and Fauci even suggested wearing goggles.
- Hand sanitizer everywhere, people lighting themselves on fire because it has 70%+ rubbing alcohol content.
- Two weeks to flatten the curve.
- Social distancing, and arrows for one-way travel in Supermarkets.
- Massive ventilator shortage.
- Then a bunch of companies are tasked to create ventilators, and we start sending them all over the world.
- No one did a reality check that statistically 90% of people put on a ventilator = die, so then why the need for millions of ventilators?
- Next there's leaks that hospitals get $18,000 for every Covid-19 patient they see, but if they admit them for at least two days they will get $38,000 per patient. It was denied, but then the documents were leaked to everyone.
- Toilet paper shortage. I mean really.
- Thousands of deaths, but when everyone said they were counting basically anyone who died as being a Covid death, it was fact checked, and people were banned. Now we know that; yes, it is true. If a person dies of a car accident, but they tested positive for Covid, they will be counted as a Covid death, even if the cause of death is labeled from a car accident.
- Everyone must mask up, now regular little cloth masks work, even though the particulate size of any respiratory illness, especially Coronaviruses are so much smaller that these masks do absolutely nothing. You can literally read it on the boxes to this very day, but somehow y`all believe a Facebook Fact Checker instead of your own eyes. By the way, the CDC and NIH have both conducted and published masks studies over the past 100+ years, and ALL OF THEM SAY MASKS FOR CORONAVIRUSES AND RESPIRATORY DISEASES DO NOT WORK!
- But then we find out Fauci admitted yet again masks don't work from his emails.
- HCQ works, dozens of countries start issuing HCQ, and they say there's now a HCQ shortage, and it's dangerous to take, even though its been used for almost 100 years without one single death. FULLY CENSORED EVERYWHERE! But then just a few months ago they said HCQ works, and they're using it. FAUCI LITERALLY WROTE IN 2015 during Sars Cov1 that HCQ worked amazingly to reduce symptoms and was essentially a cure.
- Everyone says Covid-19 isn't a "real" thing, and it's just a more dangerous flu. Remember that? Even Fauci said it wasn't anything to worry about in January 2020.
- LOCKDOWN and millions of businesses go bankrupt, but Walmart and all the big box stores can be open, packed to the gills, because apparently Covid doesn't infect people in those stores, only small businesses and restaurants.
- McDonald's can stay open, but Mary's Diner must close. But if they do outside seating then they can open, so people spend money they don't have to try that. Meanwhile beaches and parks are closed, because it's too dangerous. We've all seen the videos of people putting food in like a big tupperware tub and handing the food out through the drive-thru window. Insanity.
- The great coin shortage. Remember that?
- We literally had a rule here in Daytona Beach that you had to be fishing or exercising to be on the beach, and you must be socially distanced, with parking lots closed everywhere. No really, because trust the science right? However, we could go to Walmart nut to butt and shop for whatever.
- It came from the Wuhan lab, and the bats they tested it on leaked it into the Wuhan market. But then they said it didn't, even though we all know it did. Fauci funded gain of function research, which is taking coronaviruses that only infect animals, and mutating them to infect humans. Why in the hell is that necessary to begin with?
- STILL TO THIS VERY DAY no one has provided any evidence of the Sars Cov2 (Covid-19) virus itself. Don't believe me? Look it up. I'm not wrong. I'm not wrong about any of this.
- Trump rushed the vaccines so not a single Democrat will take them said Biden, Harris, and everyone else.
- We must have full transparency, and professionals everywhere must be able to test, validate, and ensure the vaccines are safe. Biden said that. So did Kamala. So did Fauci.
- Then all of a sudden they were released in Emergency Use FDA Authorization only, which can only happen if there are no other viable treatments.
- Then we find out from top medical professionals that Budesonide, Prednisone, Anti-Inflamatories, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamin C, D work. All of these professionals are censored, deleted, de-platformed, as well as anyone who cites them, or tries to share the information.
- Vaccines are slated to exist in Emergency Approval status for at least three years.
- Johnson & Johnson vaccine side effects and deaths start happening. They pull it for two weeks to do a little tweaky-tweak, and voila back in people's arms.
- Huge tents set up in front of hospitals, but then citizen journalists go out and record no one ever in them. It's all for show.
- People walking in N.Y. hospitals mentioned to be overflowing with patients in the hallways, bodies in trucks, etc., and there's no one there.
- Pfizer, Moderna, J&J all need various sub zero storage temperatures to work. We're talking like -80 below 0 degrees. So all these medical places have to order all kinds of specialized refrigeration units. However, you can go to Walgreens, CVS, your doctor now, and see the vials just sitting out on the counters, all of them. I've seen the J&J, Pfizer, and Moderna vials just sitting out there saying six doses per vial NOT REFRIGERATED. So when did that change? You tell me.
- Testimonials about adverse reactions to the vaccines are 100% censored to this very day. You are immediately shadow banned if you try to tell your story. In other words, it will show up for you, but it will not be recommended or shown to anyone else. Algorithmic censorship.
- Big Tech censorship of everything. Remember folks Biden wanted full transparency. Do you feel we are achieving full transparency?
- The media is fully complicit; all of them pushing the vaccines.
- The vaccines are 90% effective, and you won't catch Covid. Now proven to be a lie.
- Get vaccinated and you won't spread the virus. Now proven to be a lie.
- Get vaccinated and you won't get hospitalized if you do catch Covid. Now proven to be a lie.
- Get vaccinated, they go through all kinds of safety tests, so they're safe. Now proven to be a lie.
- Get vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. Now proven to be a lie.
- Get vaccinated, it protects you from the variants. Not only proven to be a lie, but the vaccines and vaccinated themselves are mutating the variants and spreading them!
- Get vaccinated, because even if you do get sick, become a super spreader and get other people sick, at least you won't die. Now proven to be a lie, because literally Israel is 99% vaccinated, and 95% of their Covid hospitalizations and deaths are all vaccinated. They also wear N95 masks over there, not the BS cloth ones people wear here.
- Canada case against the government refused to provide evidence of the Covid-19 virus itself, and the case was dismissed. They couldn't provide a single example of the actual virus, so the lockdown was lifted, and restrictions removed in certain cities.
- Ireland case against the government refused to provide evidence of the Covid-19 virus itself, and the case was dismissed.They couldn't provide a single example of the actual virus, so the lockdown was lifted, and restrictions removed.
- NOW YOU HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT THESE, BECAUSE ALL YOU WATCH IS THE LYING MAINSTREAM MEDIA, and they keep you in fear all the time, but if you actually search using DuckDuckGo you will find this is 100% the truth. You can't use Google, because they censor the results, and don't want you to know the truth.
- VAERS has been around for 30+ years. It has never once in those three decades had a single number changed, EVER! For the first time ever, someone took out 50% of the adverse events listed for the Covid vaccines, and just deleted them; an exact 50%. Keep in mind, the ONLY WAY to report into VAERS is if you are a licensed M.D., and you must enter all of your credentials and swear under penalty of perjury that you're telling the 100% honest truth based on scientific facts. The consequences are immediate revocation of their license, massive fines, and jail time. Go look for yourselves. It's true. VAERS accounts for 1% OR LESS of the actual Vaccine Adverse Events that exist. That too is TRUE, and has been the bar for over 30 years. Yet for the first time 50% of that 1% reported were deleted, citing a "data error". We all know, or most of us with any level of common sense, that VAERS was getting too much attention, so they censored the reporting. ONE PERCENT PEOPLE, which means 99% aren't even reported. Doesn't that scare you at all?
- Businesses and Government Agencies are now MANDATING people to get the Emergency Use Only Authorized Covid vaccines to keep their jobs, and people are doing it! What the [email protected]#[email protected]???
- Now they're going to fast track full FDA approval for all the vaccines from Sept to Dec of this year, which is two years before the testing phase for Emergency Use Authorization was supposed to complete, and people are going along with it! What the #@$#[email protected]#???
- Vaccine Passports (show me your papers!) Where have we heard this before, and people are going along with it?
- App for your phone by the government that will then be your electronic vaccine passport, and if you don't show it, or pass the muster, then you can't go grocery shopping, or eat in a restaurant, or anything.
- Doctors are terminating patients who refuse to get the Covid vaccinations.
People compare these vaccines to measles, mumps, polio, etc., but those were and are actual vaccines. They injected the actual dead virus to trick the immune system into developing antibodies, believing it has already defeated the virus.
These Covid experimental injections have ZERO ACTUAL COVID-19 VIRUS IN THEM. They are merely mRNA injections, mRNA is the "messenger" that delivers code into your DNA to then create spike proteins that create a synthetic version of the virus in your body, to trick your immune system into believing it has defeated the virus. The problem is it's actually infecting you with the virus, creating variants, and infecting others. More importantly it's removing your ability to develop antibodies as effectively as if you would have just remained healthy, maybe caught Covid, and had a 99.98% chance of surviving it. Israel studies now show natural immunity from the virus is 6.4 times more effective than the vaccines.
- HIPAA is no longer valid.
- Nuremberg Code no longer valid.
- Civil Rights no longer valid.
- Medical Privacy and Freedom of Choice no longer valid, unless you want to get an abortion, and then it's okay.
- Lockdown 2.0 is coming, then the full FDA rushed approval of the vaccines.
- Mandatory vaccines for everyone with electronic tracking (phones, biometrics).
- Can't fly, can't eat out, can't shop, can't travel unless you are vaccinated, and YES that is all in the 2,700 page Infrastructure Bill about to be passed.
- The whole time we have had to deal with the masked and vaccinated people who "trusted the ever-changing science" ostracizing the rest of us who aren't buying in to the BS. The media, politicians on both sides, and of course Biden, Fauci, Kamala are  all working in lock step to segregate sociey. It's illegal for people to coerce others into getting the vaccines, but the law has been thrown out. By the way, do a DuckDuckGo search for "Lock Step" and you'll be amazed that most of this was predicted, and rehearsed decades ago.
- Illegals flooding the southern border, but the border with Canada is shut. Over one million illegals have come across the southern border. We don't know how many are infected. We don't know who they are. The entire nation is collapsing, and it's their entire plan for this to happen, trying to convince people it's the humanitarian thing to do. Our government, media, all of them are murderers and traitors. I'm not even referring to the 2020 election. I'm pointing out what is happening every single day, and no one seems to want to do anything about it.
- I fully believe the vaccinated simply want more people to jump on the train to the fema camps, because they've already made their decisions, and they don't want to be alone. Remember misery loves company.
Listen, here's the point. You keep saying trust the science, but the science YOU THINK YOU KNOW is wrong.
If VAERS accounts for only 1% of the actual number and they're at 12,000 deaths from the vaccine, then you take that number times 99 and get the real number which is 1,188,000 deaths.
- Now you have the announcement that the miltary will be required to get the death jabs. This is going to weaken and kill our military.
- Apparently everyone forgot about them. They have a vaccine which is 90% effective against all the variants, and it is 100% protective against death or serious side effects from the vaccine or the virus. YET, it's not approved or available. Novavax is protein-based like all other vaccines throughout history, NOT mRNA.
- Most of you have no idea that the CDC just came out a month ago, and said they need to come up with new PCR tests, because the current tests don't differentiate between Covid or the flu or a common cold. Remember all the influenza cases that just disappeared? The inventor of the PCR test is literally on-record saying they produce 90% false positives, because all they do is search for a damaged cell, and then the PCR test magnifies and replicates that damaged cell to give a false positive. So, all these cases, cases, cases in the middle of the summer = up to 90% wrong. The whole Covid nightmare over the last 18 months is based on faulty testing, and now vaccines that don't work.
- We sent a hospital ship there that they literally didn't use. They were supposedly overrun with cases, hospitalizations, and they didn't admit one Covid patient into the hospital ship. Why? --- Keep in mind the videos of people going to the hospitals supposedly fully overrun with Covid patients, and they found none in their tents, or lines, or in the waiting rooms at a half dozen hospitals.
What about the nurse who got the Covid jab live on TV and passed out?
- No one has heard from her ever again. All of her social media went quiet, and then three months later one cryptic post on Instagram, and nothing thereafter. Completely silence, and no media follow-up. No one has been able to find out anything about her, and the vast majority of people think she died, right there on live tv.
What about India's Department of Health Director who got the vaccine on live TV, then died shortly thereafter?
- They used the vaccines for a short period. 25 people died, and they immediately stopped using them, BECAUSE these vaccines had liability factors, meaning people could sue the manufacturers. However, now with these mRNA vaccines today, there's NO LIABILITY FOR ANYONE ANYWHERE. Why? Let's just use VAERS' numbers to-date: 12,000+ deaths, and that's only 1% of the actual reporting. See the infographic at the top of this blog.
- I don't have time to post all the links. Use a DuckDuckGo and search. A 14 year old child wanted to get vaccinated. His parents said no. His mother is a Senior Executive at a Biotech firm. She knows all about "the science". CPS came in, took their child, removed custody from the parents, so the child could get vaccinated. If you think that's acceptable, and mandates should apply, then kindly give up your kids now to CPS. Call them up, tell them you can't be an effective parent, and the government knows best, and just give your kids up.
Now listen, I get it if you are afraid, wanting to trust someone, but these recomendations are coming from the highest paid (UNELECTED) people in our government. They're the so-called experts, and you don't find anything wrong with the above inconsistencies? ...from these experts? Let's say you only believe 10% of what I just wrote, because you refuse to do your own due diligence, and trust the fact checkers. Even 10% is enough to cause concern, doubt, and PATIENCE before you jump off that bridge.
If you want to wear masks, fine.
If you want to get the vaccines, fine.
When you choose to remove my rights, or my childrens rights to decide, that's where you're going to have a problem; a BIG PROBLEM, because it will result in Civil (Revolutionary) War; guaranteed.
For those of us who have fought in wars to protect the U.S. Constitution, and your rights to decided; aka FREEDOM, we know all too well what comes with war. We returned to relax, rest in peace, and let go of the demons of war. If you wake us back up, and force us to return to war, you have absolutely no idea the horrors that will come everyone's way.