Been around since the very end of WW II. Moved constantly, ... TX, CA, WA State, FL State, GA State. Drafted into Army in '66 and landed in Viet Nam in '67. Flight Engineer CH-47. Discharged, got a divorce, then went back to VN as a civilian for Lear Siegler (military contractor). I know what it's like to have your head F'd up. Sorry Jan. No kids. Live outside the city limits with a mini Dachshund who I now live for. Got Baptized about a month b4 the pandemic hit and trying my best to do God's work. I am NOT good at it yet. There is more to say, but I don't have the time and probably neither do you. God Bless us all.
  • Retired at none
  • Lives in Granbury, TX, USA
  • From Lubbock, TX, USA
  • Studied goofing off. Went to VN to avoid college. at Arcadia High, CA
    Class of 1964
  • Male
  • Divorced
  • 04/25/1946
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